Who is DOUCHANGLEE? An interview with May Xiu

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DOUCHANGLEE opened at Park Royal today. The Taiwanese women’s fashion label is now available for the first time in Canada. Let’s learn more from the woman who brought them here, May Xiu.

What is the story behind DOUCHANGLEE? How did the company start? Stephane Dou and Changlee Yugin, two Taiwanese designers, established the brand DOUCHANGLEE in 1995. DOUCHANGLEE was formed from the last name of the two designers.

Describe the DOUCHANGLEE brand in 3 words. Fashion, Simplicity, Elegance.

What is your role at DOUCHANGLEE? I am the brand’s Canadian distributor.

This is your very first store location in Canada – what made you choose Vancouver? And more so, Park Royal? I used to hear that Canadians weren’t very fashionable, and Vancouver in particular was not the most fashionable city. But from my point of view Vancouver is getting more and more stylish, and people are paying more attention to how they dress. I believe Vancouver is able to accept a variety of fashion and not just able to adapt but create its own fashion style. At DOUCHANGLEE we are committed to bringing Vancouver a new line of fashion.

The reason we’re opening our first store at Park Royal is because it’s a unique atmosphere that is spacious, comfortable, relaxed and elegant all packaged in one setting. We also hope DOUCHANGLEE would bring a fresh look and energy into Park Royal.

Who is the DOUCHANGLEE customer? DOUCHANGLEE suits a variety of customers. It could be for those seeking smart business occasion style or fashion gurus looking for unique and glamorous style.

Do you prefer dressing for day or night? I love paying attention to the details of my outfit and to look stylish, no matter if it’s day or night. I like to wear both fashionable and comfortable style. Of course if there is a special event or occasion I will dress up extra neat.

Is it better to be over-dressed or under dressed for an occasion? If I’m unsure of the dress code I tend to over-dress rather than under dress, because at least I won’t feel embarrassed and disrespectful if I over-dress.

What is your favourite restaurant in Vancouver, and what can we find you wearing to it? REFLECTIONS: THE GARDEN TERRACE. You’ll find me there wearing concise dress with posh accessories.

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