Summer Garden Essentials

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Gardening Essentials – by Catherine Dunwoody

Spending time in your own garden, whether it’s a big chunk of the backyard or a few planters on the deck, is straight-up good for the soul. Home Depot will have you digging in the dirt in no time with these must-haves.

Park Royal’s own Home Depot is rather unique to the brand. Less big box and more boutique, grab a ‘blossoming rose’ tea latte (très à propos!), from the Starbucks next door, then sip and stroll the outdoors department for garden goodies like these.

• Fiskars Aluminum Weeder
Tackle those pesky weeds with this one piece, lightweight yet sturdy garden tool. Bonus: The grip’s shape encourages a neutral wrist position which helps alleviate fatigue.

• Garden Caddy and Kneeler Cushion Set
Multiple pockets to keep all your tools organized plus the pad protects your knees whether you’re on gravel or soil.

• Digz Women’s Gardening Gloves
Some gloves are a bit flimsy, and thorny spiky plant bits can poke right through. Yowch! These however have leather palms, knuckle protection and you can throw them in the washing machine.

From left to right, available from Home Depot: Fiskars Aluminum Weeder $9.48, Fiskars Garden Caddy & Kneeler Cushion Set $17.88, Digz Women’s Gardening Gloves $14.37

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