How to Celebrate Mom on Mother’s Day!

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My Perfect Mother’s Day 
– by Nathalie Rees

I love being a mom. It’s rewarding, amazing, magical, but as most moms know, it is also a lot of hard work that’s not always recognized. So, when my husband asked me to dream up my ideal Mother’s Day, I went all out!

Below is MY perfect Mother’s Day, but if there are any dads out there wondering what to do for the moms in their life, this is probably a pretty good guide on how to make her extremely happy.

The best gift any mom can truly get on Mother’s day is the gift of time. A few peaceful moments to herself to sleep in, watch her favourite TV show, enjoy her coffee, or for me, a chance to get a good sweat in.

So, when I wake up to my daughter giving me a brand new pair of NIKE Free TR8 running shoes and a chance to sneak out for a work out, I’m pretty happy! (By the way, runners are not only for the fitness minded Mom, ALL moms basically live in these everyday).


Photo: NIKE Free TR8
Location: New Age Nike at Park Royal 

Make it to my favourite work out spot, the brand new Steve Nash at Park Royal. There, I get in some cardio, then drop in to one of their new fitness classes – Bungee Flight or Le Barre. Both of these are exclusive to Park Royal!

Photo: The new Steve Nash Sports Club at Park Royal.

Side note to all parents reading, this location also offers child minding, so a membership is definitely worth it.

I arrive home to take a nice, hot (uninterrupted) shower and come downstairs to the most wonderful surprise brunch, put together by my husband Rob, and sweet little girl Juliette.

I’m not one to usually indulge in pastries and sweets, but when I do, Rob knows that my favourites are from Whole Foods! The raspberry oatmeal muffin is unbelievable and it was actually the first thing I ate after Juliette was born, so most fitting to eat on this day!!

Photo: Pastries and flowers from Whole Foods Market at Park Royal.

Ok, I know I’m pushing it here, as I’ve already been spoiled enough, but I then get a super sweet card from my husband. I know he’s picked this up at Zing Paperie in Park Royal’s Village, as the card is so cute and intricate and they always carry the best ones. (I also know because I bought my own Mom’s Mother’s day gifts from there – definitely a gift go-to store).

Photo: Mother’s Day card – $6.95
Location: Zing Paperie & Design in The Village at Park Royal

Photo: Mother’s Day gifts
Sealuxe Bath Tea – from $15 to $30
Zing gold filled bead bracelets – from $60 to $195
Location: Zing Paperie & Design in The Village at Park Royal

I’ve also been pin boarding classic watches from Daniel Wellington and that’s exactly what Rob gets me! (hint, hint if you’re reading hunny)! I love the delicate features and the small face is perfect for wearing all day, every day.

Daniel Wellington Watch – $199
Location: Hudson’s Bay at Park Royal

On this day of all days, there is nothing like spending some quality time with the ones that actually made you Mom in the first place.
Our go to spot is a walk on the Spirit Trail and beach hangout at Ambleside’s dog park.



Rob has planned ahead and arranged a babysitter for our little one, which means we get to sneak away for a quick date. We head to Cactus Club at Park Royal (always a staple of ours). Even though it’s Mother’s Day we still want to check out their ‘Sunday Funday’ new happy hour drinks menu which is on special ALL DAY LONG!

Photo: Jalapeño Margarita – $7
Location: Cactus Club Cafe Park Royal

I can’t get enough of their Jalapeño Margarita (perfect for celebrating moms), the Steak Frites has been added to their happy hour menu and I know Rob is happy because we’re sitting in the lounge and he’s not missing any of the playoff games! Win, win!

Photo: Steak Frites
Location: Cactus Club Cafe Park Royal

Quick update: Cactus Club Park Royal has just renovated their outdoor patio! It’s definitely worth checking out on a sunny day!

Well, there it is, my dream Mother’s Day! And while I certainly know I don’t need any of these things to feel incredibly lucky to be a mom, I still hope that all the husbands out there get some inspiration from my ideal perfect day, so that the mom in their lives gets the extremely special day she really deserves.


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