Price Friendly Luxe Ideas for Mother’s Day!

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Pamper Mom This Year. She Deserves It!
-by Nathalie Rees

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Let’s be honest, Moms really earn Mother’s Day. Yes, Father’s Day is important too, birthdays are fun and Valentine’s Day has a special place in our hearts, but if you’re a Mom, you KNOW why you deserve a day dedicated to you.

And not just any Mother’s Day, one that truly celebrates the amazing Mom that she is. From countless sleepless nights to thinking that dry shampoo is the equivalent of taking a shower to finding a McDonald’s fry in her purse while trying to find a pen at a meeting (yes, this happened to me), Moms give up almost everything to make sure that everyone they take care of always feels special.

Moms make every day full of little luxuries – matching socks, even though they are separated in 3 different laundry loads, making sure favourite snacks are packed in lunch boxes, always taking time to make everyone’s favourite dinner at least once a month and the list goes on and on.

So, this Mother’s Day, it should be all about giving Mom a day of little luxuries, just like the ones she gives to everyone else every other day!

Here’s what she’ll love:

Luxury All Day Everyday: LULULEMON

If Moms had a uniform, it would be lululemon. You can never go wrong with some new Wonder Under’s or that perfect little Spring time bomber.

My picks:

Wonder Under High Rise leggings in Full-On Luxreme in a fun print. Why not go for something a bit different? Stand out Mama!

The Always Effortless Jacket. This one is super cute, comes in a few different colourways and is coated with DWR (perfect for a little Vancouver weather protection before Summer arrives).

Monthly Pampering: SKOAH

SKOAH is a spa your Mom will love to go for facials. Not only is it relaxing, but easy and quick – perfect for Mom’s on the go. What woman doesn’t want a full spa experience, in under an hour?

As a quick note, this Mother’s Day, until May 12th, they are offering ‘Mask For Me, Mask For My Mom’. You can have some great bonding time with your Mom (or your daughter) by picking two masks for $88 (usually an $104 value)! My little one isn’t quite old enough for masks yet, but they work wonders for my skin and I can’t wait to do something like this with her when she gets a bit older!

Nothing says ‘little’ luxuries like diamonds: LUGARO

The ultimate in making Mom feel special is a gorgeous piece from Lugaro. A few really neat things about their store at Park Royal:
1. It’s their head office and where they make all their pieces of jewelry, so you know you are working with the best of best when picking out which piece will truly reflect how special Mom is.
2. Another great thing to note is that they launched a 488, 888, 1488 collection. Meaning, you can buy Canadian diamond rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings at each of those price points!

To look for on Mother’s Day:

The Hug Necklace and/or Ring. Both of these pieces are a way of always giving Mom a hug, come with a Canadian Diamond certificate and feature Lugaro’s patent pending exclusive setting no claw diamond hug.

Double the Bubbles: LUSH & RUFFINO PROSECCO

Mom’s get very little ‘me’ time, so there is nothing like creating a mini spa vacation for her at home. Not only is this a perfect little getaway for Mom, but it’s a really fun idea to pull together with young kids!

Here’s how to do it:

Head to Lush. Your kids are probably already obsessed with bath bombs so let them give some to Mom! My pick is the Petal Power gift set. This comes with four Mom approved bath bombs and 2 bubble bars, perfect for creating that relaxing bath Mom wants, plus, the kids will adore getting it all set up for her!

Now, if you’re going to do one set of bubbles, you have to do the other kind as well, to make this the perfect bath time experience. Head over to Park Royal’s Signature BC Liquor store and pick up a bottle of Ruffino Prosecco and some additional wine (more on that later). Ruffino is light, refreshing and under $20 a bottle!

Quick Tip: Don’t be surprised if her bath time gets interrupted. Lush bath’s are sometimes too magical to not share with her little ones 🙂

Surprise and Delight: SIMONS & Signature BCL

If you’re shopping for a Mom like me, she’s the type who likes to get out of the house and dressed up for a nice afternoon brunch or early dinner. So, give Mom a little surprise and delight while she’s getting ready. Pick something with a fun Summer forward print like this Steve Madden clutch from Simons.

And then pop open a bottle of Inniskillin Pinot Grigio to enjoy before heading out. If she’s not a Pinot Grigio fan, try Jackson Triggs Reserrve Sauvignon Blanc or The Robert Mondavi Private Selection Chardonnay. All under $20 from Signature BCL Stores.

I hope you’ve been inspired by these ideas to help fill Mom’s special day with all the little luxuries she deserves. As a Mom myself, I would be thrilled to receive any one of these options. Happy planning & Happy Mother’s Day to all!


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