Pick Up Your Long Weekend Essentials at Park Royal

Published in Health and Fitness

Long Weekend Essentials
– by Catherine Dunwoody

Monday, May 21st is Victoria Day! Getting outdoors with the right gear isn’t just about what you wear; it’s about packing a few natural health products too. Whether you’re heading up to Alice Lake to pitch a tent, hiking at Lighthouse Park, or kayaking from Ambleside – here’s what you need to protect yourself from Mother Nature.

B-Gone Chemical Free Outdoor Lotion, Saje

Skip the harsh chemicals and keep bugs at bay with this natural blend of catnip and other essential oils.

Sun Care Protective Hair Veil, Aveda

Spritz this water-resistant UV defense mist on before you head out, to protect hair from sun damage and dryness.

Ointment Pine Tar, Escents 

Overdid the trails in new hiking shoes? Dab some of this natural, medicated ointment on that (ouch!) blister. Works like a charm on poison ivy itch too.


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