Gentlemen, Let’s Elevate Your Summer Style

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Elevating Men’s Summer Style
– By Nathalie Rees

Fashion and summer don’t always go hand in hand for guys. It’s a lot easier to pull together dapper looks in the winter, but when the heat turns up so does the pressure to keep your style game going strong. TSN 1040 radio Hosts (and aspiring style icons) Matt Sekeres & Blake Price started feeling that pressure and came to me to help them figure out how to make sure they could ‘UP’ their summer wardrobe game. So, as I said to the guys, “fear not!” Follow these easy tips and tricks on how to buy key summer items and you’ll make this your most fashionable summer yet.

It’s time to step it up!


Chino Short
Pastels are definitely in this year, but if you want to stay clear of looking too preppy, look at changing up your short colours. Navy, black or printed shorts can add a little kick to your wardrobe.

Point Zero Chino Short: Simons

Athleisure Short
Athleisure is now a staple in most wardrobes, so don’t feel like they can only be worn with tees and tanks. Dress them up with a crisp white button down or Polo.

Billabong Crossfire Hybrid Short (left) & Crossfire X Twill hybrid short (right): Simons

To Avoid
Cargo Shorts
Overly baggy
Too long
Too short

To Find Your Perfect Fit
Length – Slightly above knee caps.
Width – A bit of space around the leg, no winging.


When selecting the perfect summer shirt the number one rule is to keep it light and simple. Invest in something more than your regular 3-pack. Stay far away from graphic T’s or shirts with predictable sayings.

Striped Ts
Something to consider when buying: Look for straight, narrow stripes. When wearing as part of an outfit: one striped piece at a time.

5 Year Basic Tee: lululemon

Crisp White Button Down
This is always a classic piece for any wardrobe. To dress it down, wear untucked with rolled sleeves. To dress up, tuck in with a classic belt.

LE31, Simons house brand, crisp white shirt: Simons

Tropical Printed Shirts
No, this does NOT mean go out and buy a Hawaiian Shirt. Seek out designs in muted colour palettes and combine with dark shorts or jeans to nail the look.

Tropical prints: Simons


Flip-flops seem like a standard go-to in the Summer, and they are, but ONLY for the beach or pool, that’s it!!! So, where does that leave you for everything else you do in the Summer? Here is your new go-to summer footwear.

Surfer Shoes
Surfer’s always look like they are having fun, right? So, why not ditch your usual flip-flops and slide into a surfer shoe like the Sanuk Vegabond or Chiba.

Sanuk shoes Vegabond (left) & Chiba (right): Boathouse

Leather Sandal
The only way it’s acceptable to wear sandals anywhere except the beach and pool. Look for slides that come in tan, brown or black leather.

Kenneth Cole Story Sandal: Town Shoes


There you have it guys. Good luck and have a great summer!



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