Last Minute Summer BBQ Essentials

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Impromptu summer BBQ Tips  – by Nathalie Rees

Ok, boys, we get it. It’s summer, prime BBQ season and hey, why not invite everyone over for a get together?

It’s happened to all of us wives and girlfriends, you tell us last minute that you’ve invited your team over for a BBQ after the softball tournament, or  you forget to mention that you invited all your buddies over for beers and burgers after an early Canadians game.

This is all fine and great, but NEWSFLASH guys, this usually leaves your wife with the majority of the work and since you’ll be out with your buddies right before the get together happens, who do you think will be pulling it all together for you?

So, here are some tips on how to make sure you have a great evening AFTER your great ‘last minute’ BBQ.

#1: Do the drink shopping early. This takes out one less stop for your wife and having to cart around cases of beer, wine and mixers is never a fun job. She’ll appreciate that you get that done.

PRO TIP: Pick her up something special, like a bottle of Veuve Cliquot. Leave it in the fridge and then text her before you get home so she finds her “thank you for being an awesome host” surprise. A wide range of champers can be found at the BC Signature Liquor Store.

#2. Store the beer wisely. When you do bring home all the booze, DO NOT fill up the entire fridge with it. You are most likely going to be asking your wife to prepare some food for this BBQ and you’re better off leaving her some space to get the food ready.

PRO TIP: Stop by Dollarama and pick up a small inflatable/plastic kids pool, fill it with ice and use that as the make shift beer fridge.

#3. Garbage duty. You want your wife to have fun at the BBQ too, right? Make the clean up A LOT easier by being prepared. Get some heavy duty (contractor grade) garbage bags and line two garbage bins with 2-3 bags.

PRO TIP: Label one for garbage and one for empties. As each gets full, you just tie them up and remove. This simple trick ensures a super easy clean up, making for a much happier wife the next morning! Home Depot carries a large selection of bins & heavy duty garbage bags.

#4. Food you can eat with one hand. I know you want your wife to make her special recipe burgers, but try and resist. Instead, let her know that good old fashioned dogs will do the trick. Give her numbers and if anyone might be vegan or prefer turkey to beef – the more info the better! Set up a make shift Hot Dog bar where everyone can do up their dogs as needed!

PRO TIP: This makes for an easy-peasy cook out. Hot dogs, buns, chips, veggies and dip = no utensils, small plates, napkins and a stress-free wife! And who knows, maybe she’ll be so impressed by your newly proactive approach to entertaining, she’ll whip up some of those burgers anyway?! Hit up Loblaws City Market for groceries.

#5. The more the merrier. Yes, yes, it is supposed to be a “guys” BBQ, but it’s only fair that your wife has some fun too right? Plus, if she has her friends around to have fun with, that leaves more time with the boys, right?

PRO TIP: Tell your wife to invite some of her friends too! Besides, she will want to show off that fancy bottle of champagne!

#6. The morning after. Since there will be no big clean up (see tip #3), you’ll have some time to relax. Making a big meal at home probably won’t be that appealing since you just had a big cook out, but going out for a nice brunch and perfectly made Caesar is a great way to say thanks again!

PRO TIP: Take her to The Village Taphouse. They have the best mix of brunch, lunch and serve the absolute best Caesars!

And that’s that! Now you’re sure to have an amazing BBQ get together AND have a super happy wife!


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