Last Minute Gift Ideas from Nathalie Rees

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You might have thought you were done all of your Christmas shopping in November (super organized), or in early December (very organized), or about two weeks ago (organized). But whatever degree of x-mas preparedness you are, everyone always has those last minute gifts that they have to go pick up.

To help you out in your count down to x-mas crunch, here my picks for those last minute gifts that need to be wrapped and under the tree ASAP!

For the new mom
Any new mom appreciates a good onesie and the Colourful Music Notes one piece from Hatley is just so darn cute. It comes with a sweet little hat as well, which makes it the perfect little gift and at $22 you really can’t go wrong!


Onesie from Hatley, $22

For the young scientist
Gifts that instill wonder, excitement and curiosity are always the best kinds of gifts. This Growing Crystal kit ($26.99) at Toy Jungle lets your little scientist conduct 7 amazing crystal-growing experiments! They’ll be able to watch the sparkling crystals grow right in front of their eyes – SO COOL!



Growing Crystal Kit from Toy Jungle, $26.99

For your best friend
Your best friend deserves all the diamonds in the world. Unfortunately, that’s not always the most realistic thing to try and give her. But, these gorgeous Swarovski crystal drop earrings are a pretty close second and the $79 price tag is nice as you near your annual xmas gift budget.

Crystal Drop Earrings from Swarovski, $79

For your mother in law
Definitely one of the harder gifts to buy, but this Dalen Cross Body bag from Aritzia ($275) is classic, gorgeous and will definitely put you in very good graces with your mother in law!

Dalen Cross Body bag from Aritzia, $275

This concludes my holiday blog series this year. I’ve had so much fun sharing all of my favorite finds with you, but regardless of what you get under the tree, I hope you have the most magical holiday with your friends and family. Can’t wait to catch up in 2017!

From my family to yours,
Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!

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