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My Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Her
– by Nathalie Rees

Ok guys, it’s here. That time of year when you have to find her those perfect gifts.Yep, it’s time to go holiday shopping for all the important women in your life! And just like clock work, every year you fear that moment when they open their gift and the look on their face says, “I hope he got a gift receipt.”

But fear not, this year will be different because this gift guide is a sure fire way to make sure you get all your gifts in one trip, that you don’t break the bank and most importantly, that your gifts don’t end up in the return pile on December 26th!

Fine Finds
Let me give you some advice – there is really nothing as great as getting gifts that compliment your lifestyle. Pretty little things that you never knew existed until you open them up and realize you can’t believe you lived without them before!

The best place for these? Indigo. Just think about the things she would love to have in her day to day.

Think about getting her a new tote bag and put a new book in there for her as an extra surprise. Or, my favourite, a coffee mug and wine glass set that literally takes her from day to night.

The Gift That Keeps On Giving
Lucky you! Skoah has just made your Holiday shopping exponentially easier with three new facial memberships. Yes, that’s right, you would be giving the gift of ongoing beautiful glowing skin. And what Woman wouldn’t want that?

Get her the Starcard Giftkard for $150, the Star-lite facial membership for $400 or the ultimate 5-star, a year of facials for $750!

This way she’ll be thinking of your gift all year long!

Perfect Little Presents
There is something to say about those little presents that just make Christmas Day that much more special. The ones that are right between the BIG gift and the stocking stuffer. The ones that remind her that you were truly thinking about her while you did your shopping.

The perfect place to do all of this? Zing Paperie. Not only is there an entire store curated with perfect gifts, but they also have the best holiday cards and wrapping paper, making it truly a one stop shop! (I piqued your interest here, right?)

My Zing pick this year? An Acrylic Memo Tablet and Pen! This super sleek device is the new white board. Looks way better in your kitchen and is a great way to keep track of daily on goings, write out favourite recipes or even little daily love notes!

Gear Guide

At the end of the day, there is nothing that goes the distance like athleisure gear. No matter how much of it she already has, she wants more and will be thrilled to get more under the tree.

This year, try and be a little creative. Instead of going to her usual work gear haunts, try out the Diadora Luxe collection available at Sport Chek.

All of the product is super comfortable, technical and comes in neutral colourways, making your pick easy as pie.

Shoes, Shoes, Shoes
You know what they say about women and their shoes! Step outside the box and get her something with a little European flare.

French Sole specializes in beautifully crafted ballet flats and slippers that feature gorgeous embroidery that make for a perfect little present under the tree.

Jewellery Refresh
Jewellery is always a tricky one, isn’t it guys? How much to spend? What does specific jewelry mean? The list of questions goes on and on.

If you’re looking for an answer that covers all these bases and will leave her grinning from ear to ear, look no further than selecting handcrafted talisman jewelry by Pyrrha available at Blue Ruby.

Not only is this gorgeous collection made locally in Vancouver with many different price points to choose from, but you also get to pick out a talisman that has a specific meaning. This means you get extra credit for taking the time to specifically pick one out just for her. BONUS POINTS!!!

Frills And Pom Poms
We had an amazing, sunny and warm Fall season here in Vancouver – almost nice enough to forget how cold it can get in the winter.

This presents a perfect opportunity to get her some new winter accessories, which is always a safe bet, as you never have to worry about sizes and stores like Simons, have huge selections to pick from.

As a quick note, any toque with a pom pom is going to be a big hit!

And remember guys, if all else fails: don’t get her something she needs, get her something she wants!

Happy Shopping!

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