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 What to Get HER this Holiday Season

by Nathalie Rees

Find the quick gift guide here!

This year, my overarching wish list theme is asking for gifts that I’ll be able to use over and over. Yes, the price point of my selected items might be a little bit0 higher, but here’s the reasoning I give to my husband: if you divide the price by the amount of times I’ll actually use the gift, it’s 100% worth it and really, a smart investment.

Add in a few other strategic reasons that he’ll identify with and you’ve got your wish list in the bag! Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Never complain about being cold again with the Super Puff from Aritzia: First of all, the look on his face when you ask for a Super Puff is worth the ask itself!! In all seriousness though, this jacket that has been worn by everyone from Kendall Jenner to Hailey Bieber to well, anyone who is looking to take winter chic to the next level.

The Super Puff collection has grown this year, now including the Original, Shorty, Mid, Vest and my personal favorite and Christmas ask, the Long. New this season, the Super Puff Long makes you feel like you are wrapped in a duvet, but has subtle features (like bottoms side buttons) that add that extra style. Colour and finish options in the Super Puff are endless this season as well. Everything from neon to matte to metallic to printed and even iridescent. But, since it’s a gift, go with something a bit different from the typical black option. My pick? The rose quartz in the iridescent finish.

The Present Pitch: This coat can be worn all day everyday, Fall, Winter and early Spring. Plus, puffy coats are here to stay, so you have more than a few seasons to rock this coat. Lastly, no more complaints to him about being cold!

Location: Aritzia | Price: $350

Diamonds from Lugaro last forever and ever: Jewelry is a staple Christmas gift anyways, so asking for something timeless that you can wear over and over shouldn’t be a stretch, right!?

An easy way to get this conversation going is mentioning the super easy to understand and shop 288, 488 and 888 collections at Lugaro. Each collection is priced exactly as it is named and as added ease, the collections are showcased this way in store as well, so you know exactly what you are look at. On my Christmas list this year, the 888 collection 1.08 certified Canadian Diamond Twist Hoop earrings. These beauty hoops can only be described as grandma chic, which, yes, is completely in right now and so, by default, will be for a long time.

The Present Pitch: This is truly an investment piece. Not only are they a staple that go so well with any outfit, but, hey, maybe they can be passed down to my Granddaughter one day!

Location: Lugaro | Price: $888

Thanks to Nespresso, discussions about coffee shop purchases on the Visa are OVER!: I don’t think I really need to say any more, as this could be the only selling point you’d need, but I’d be doing everyone a massive disservice not to praise the phenomenal cup of coffee that Nespresso delivers right in the comfort of your own home.

A perfect Nespresso starter kit is the Vertuo round head machine with Aerocinno. This bad boy is super easy to use and will have you creating barrista level java for you and your guests whenever you want. And in case you didn’t already know, Nespresso has opened a brand new store at Park Royal in the Simons wing. It has all the machines available right there and the most beautiful wall of coffee pods waiting to come home with you!

The Present Pitch: You never have to argue about the amount of empty paper coffee cups in the car again, you’re saving money with every cup of coffee you make at home (as opposed to going out) and hello, this is pretty much a shared present. It benefits all the coffee drinkers in the house!

Location: Nespresso | Price: $249

Comfort clothing with Roots: Because filling your closet with Roots is always a no brainer and with a brand new store at Park Royal, the options are endless. Truth be told, I want everything in the store, but here are a few of my top asks:

  • Anything from the Snowy Fox collection. This gorgeous cotton blend collection showcases stunning bright sweaters, shirts and hats. Everything is super comfortable, but can be dressed up a little more with dark wash jeans or even faux leather leggings.
  • The City Chelsea Pack. I’m totally obsessing with backpacks this year, so having such a great size and colour selection is perfect for me, plus it will last forever.
  • Roots Foot therapy! Roots socks for stuffing stuffers.
  • The re-designed Roots Tuff Boot. Their Tuff boot has been tried and tested to actually work on the toughest, iciest surfaces and it comes in some really cute colours.

The Present Pitch: Roots is a classic staple in any closet and the product literally lasts forever. Plus, heading into the new Park Royal Roots store will almost 100% result in additional Christmas shopping being completed by him. Check off that list as they say!

Location: Roots | Prices: Snowy Fox Collection Sweater: $128, City Chelsea Pack: $188, Sock 2 Pack: $18.50, Tuff Boot: $198

Home is where the heart is with Indigo: Our house is filled with throw blankets because of course, heating is a constant debate in our household. He’s always too hot and I’m always too cold. His reasoning, I can just put on more clothes and blankets, while he can’t possibly walk around with no clothes on – does this argument sound familiar?

But, the mass amounts of blankets take up space and let’s not get into the constant folding of each. This year, as a present to both of us, I’m asking for the Wellness Weighted Blanket from Indigo. It’s 15 lbs, super soft and the best way to feel warm and cozy (especially while the heat is turned down low).

The Present Pitch: Not only does this one blanket end the argument on in home heating, but it also eliminates the cost of buying throw blanket after throw blanket.

Location: Indigo | Price: $199

Because let’s be honest, Sport Chek knows that active wear is my daily uniform: I could literally make my entire yearly, weekday wardrobe with products from Sport Chek. I’m constantly running around, walking the dog, picking up, dropping off and trying to squeeze in a few sweat sessions, so great looking gear is much needed in my life. My picks?

  • The Sorel Out ‘N About Puffy Mid Boot. My feet have to be outside a lot, and this puffy boot brings all the bliss. Waterproof, insulated and lined with microfleece, they keep things cozy and dry, even when the weather is at its worst, plus the grippy vulcanized rubber outsole provides traction on slippery surfaces.
  • The adidas Originals Women’s Bellista Hoodie. This sweatshirt boasts unassuming details. I love the elongated slits on the sides, which create torso length, as well as a sense of movement and unrestricted freedom. Plus, this chic hoodie is the cutest shade of pink rose!
  • Nike Women’s Air Max Dia Shoes in Black on Black. I’ll be honest, I really can’t have enough Nike shoes. I wear them every single day and with winter here, I see real benefit in adding this colour way to the mix. Plus, this shoe delivers a lifted look and an airy aesthetic in a sleek shape, which is really cool for a workout shoe!

The Present Pitch: The best part about Sport Chek? All my favourite brands in one place, so he only has to go to one store, which conveniently also has a pretty great gear section (hockey, snow sports, etc) for him to check out.

Location: Sport Chek | Prices: adidas hoodie: $90, Sorel Boot: $127, Nike Shoes: $108

Free reign shopping at Hill’s Dry Goods if you want some element of surprise: Listen, I get it. Detailing every single thing you want on a wish list does eliminate that element of surprise on Christmas morning. And hey, he might want to truly pick something out for you himself.

In this case, just have open season on anything in store from Hill’s Dry Goods. This super cute, perfectly curated little store across from MAC Cosmetics in Park Royal South will not disappoint.  Any item of clothing from this store is perfection, but they also have an accessories store-in-a-store that’s full of adorable trinkets like pearl hair clips and velvet head bands – both trending right now! Finally, if you have a sweet tooth, they also carry Sugarfina candy! The champagne gummy bears would literally be the best surprise stocking stuffer.

The Present Pitch: There is literally no wrong to be done in this store. Any purchase would be considered a win, so, if he needs a little retail wish list freedom, this is how to give it to him!

Location: Hill’s Dry Goods | Price: Priceless!

Do your hair in half the time with the Dyson Hair Wrap from Best Buy: Ok, this hair product will actually change your life and yes, his. It comes at a bit of a steep price, but how can you put a  price on your time and perfect hair!?

The Dyson Air Wrap is truly a wonder for anyone like me who struggles with the amount of time it takes to dry, blow out or curl hair. Have you ever wondered why my hair is almost always in a bun? This complete curling iron uses the aerodynamic power of the Coanda effect to curve air, attracting hair to the barrel. It requires no clamping, gloves, or difficult winding mechanisms to achieve voluminous curls and waves. Plus, it comes with 7 attachments to deliver endless styling options. You guys, I had the chance to try this product on my own hair and was blown away. It is truly game changing!

The Present Pitch: Be honest! You were eyeing a new straightener and curling iron anyways. Not only does this product combine the three biggest hair accessories in your bathroom – blow dryer, curling + flat iron, but it also has a beach wave accessory to boot. The time saving component should be the easiest sell about it. Time doing your hair gets cut in half, plus, you can curl your hair while it’s damp! No more arguments with him on how long you take to get ready!

Location: Best Buy | Price: $699

Quick note: If you’re set on the hair front, Best Buy also carries the Muse 2 brain sensing headband. Muse’s sensors provide real-time feedback on brain activity, heart rate, breath, and body movements to guide your total meditation experience and take the guesswork out of finding calm. A gift that will truly make an impact as you “head” into 2020.

Location: Best Buy | Price: $249

Cherish the time you spend on yourself with a membership from SKOAH: Be honest, you know you are going to treat yourself with a few facials this year. For one, it’s an important part of keeping up with your skin regime and two, you most certainly always deserve a little pampering.

So, adding a Skoah membership to the wish list definitely makes sense. Memberships are available monthly or yearly, have member only facial pricing and offer benefits like 10% off product purchased in store. Some insider info that you might want to pass along… Skoah Park Royal is offering their yearly membership for $520, which also includes a free limited edition holiday mask & serum (value $110).

The Present Pitch: You’re going to book facials next year anyways. Why not do it at a discounted rate, get $110 of additional product and get in store discounts too?

Location: Skoah | Price: $520

And that’s my ultimate wish list this year! Good luck and Merry Christmas!


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