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We are pleased to welcome our newest women’s fashion label, Sarah Pacini to The Village at Park Royal which opened on Saturday April 2nd 2016. We had the opportunity to get the inside scoop from the Canadian COO, Carole Calixte, and here is what she had to say.

Can you describe the Sarah Pacini brand for those who aren’t as familiar?

Over the last 20 years, SARAH PACINI has been designing and distributing a high-end, contemporary collection, born from a unique creative concept blending together knits, prêt-à-porter and accessories. Each item, whether worn separately or in total look appeals to the imagination and sense of individuality.

The beginning was in Belgium, however, many other countries were quick to fall under the brand’s spell. Sarah Pacini presence at major international trade and fashion events since 1998, paved the way to cross many frontiers. Today, the collection made in Italy is distributed in 48 countries across 5 continents: more than 70 exclusive Boutiques, several shop-in-shops in prestigious Department stores, and carefully selected high-end retailers confirm the undeniable success of the collection and the increasing number of women attracted by Sarah Pacini unique sense of style.

Why open a store at Park Royal? What inspires you about the West Coast?

As Sarah Pacini keeps expanding in North America, it was a natural decision for us to open on the West Coast, more so because the casual chic style of our collection is well fitted to the West Coast lifestyle and culture. Moreover, Vancouver is an amazing city for a brand such as ours and we love the location and the brand mix at Park Royal.

What is your goal when designing for the women’s body?

At Sarah Pacini we believe that fashion is an art and a creative force for expressing your true self.

When we create a new collection, we always keep in mind that our clients are contemporary women, who likes fashion beyond the usual. They also are women of substance, cosmopolitan who lead an active life. But most of all they are passionate, whatever their passion may be.

Knitwear plays a large role in your collections, why that fabric?

The knitwear is at the core of Sarah Pacini concept for its originality and the highly creative possibilities of putting together contemporary original looks. The high-end Knitwear made in Italy offers an amazing choice of textures, creative designs and subtle plays on contrasts.

This season, The Silence Collection includes one-of-a kind knits mostly in natural fibers, with subtle brilliance, delicate transparencies, Jewel-like incrustations, or jacquards designs.

What is your favourite piece in the Spring/Summer collection?

The Full length flowing summer dresses inciting to fluid unhurried movements, with the Sarah Pacini’s signature touch.

What can customers expect when walking into your store?

A unique and enjoyable boutique experience, including a personalized styling consultation with our collection experts.

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