Family Time at Park Royal Pt. 1

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– by Laurel of The Sugar Plum Sisters

When Park Royal invited us to bring our families to spend some time here, it was an easy YES PLEASE!  Growing up in the Fraser Valley, we have often enjoyed going into the city as a family and making all of our favourite stops…boutiques, coffee, restaurants, shops. Especially in the more recent years as our kids have transitioned into the teen and young adult years. Lincoln seems to need a new wardrobe every 3 months (his growth spurts are no joke!) and our girls are realizing that there’s more to living soley in workout clothes. They have also grown an appreciation to the “wander, coffee, shop, explore” thing that their mom loves to do. Maybe I’m looking for excuses to make a day for all of us to be together, but we always make sure to tag on some good food…who’s going to say no to that??

Park Royal is awesome because it really is one stop and checks all the boxes for our family. Lincoln and Scott can do the sports obsessed thing visiting Nike, Sneakerbox & Sport Chek while us girls can visit all of our favourites: Zara, Aritzia, Urban Outfitters, Oak + Fort and Anthropologie. You might remember me posting about some Louis Vuitton handbags at the Winners in Park Royal a couple of months ago. Guys…no joke, this Winners is a good one. The best one I’ve visited to date. Their designer section is full of top end goods at Winners pricing. I’ve lucked out there finding everything from home goods to shoes…highly suggest you give yourself lots of time to make your way through here!

My first stop should be no surprise to anyone… coffee. Ha! I’ll admit whenever we go to the Horseshoe Bay Ferry Terminal, I make a quick pit stop at Caffè Artigiano to enjoy in the ferry lineup! Their beans have to be some of my favourite…so, coffee in hand and coffee beans to bring home!

I dunno…are you surprised this was where my husband Scott headed? #nikeforever

And. Grocery goodness. Whole Foods Market makes me ridiculously happy…is that weird to get so excited for a grocery store? But whenever we know we’ll be close to a Whole Foods, I pack a cooler bag (truth) so I can stock up on some specialty items. Nina goes crazy picking out gluten free foods…there’s so much to choose from! This time we left with 3 different types of pizza so she could do a little taste testing. So, you laugh, but…we brought home an enormous amount of fresh foods and gf treats!

To end our day, we headed to Trattoria for dinner. Nina’s celiac heart was full at the gluten free options and their attention to her! Highly suggest a table on the upper patio if the weather is in your favour 🙂

On our next trip we plan to get an earlier start and include a stroll along Ambleside Beach. Or a stop at Capilano Suspension Bridge. I kinda think we’ve all agreed that our back to school shopping could most likely get done here in one shot. Yes, please!

*Sale items mentioned in this blog are for a limited time, items found are while quantities last.

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