Fall Fashions at Park Royal

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The leaves are starting to tumble from the trees, but new fall fashions are in full bloom! It’s time to put your summer style on hold for the upcoming months and bundle up with the looks of the season!

This October brings many new trends and a variety of ways to wear these fresh and inspiring looks. We encourage you to shop around and step out of your comfort zone. Try on something that you never thought you would wear and you’ll probably surprise yourself with how wearable these pieces are. We encourage you to personalize an outfit as much as you can. Clothes are a great way to express yourself, so own it!

First we headed to Simons to get a temperature check on what’s hot this season. We can report that it’s a tartan takeover! For both women and men, this loud pattern is what’s popping up everywhere. Word to the wise: 1.The bigger the pattern the smaller you look. 2. Don’t buy oversized when shopping for tartan or plaid as it will only serve to bury your shape in the garment. 3. For those extra bold fashion trendsetters, try multiple patterns, colours and shapes to create a complete look. 4. If you’re new to tartan, start with one statement piece on top of basics.

Next we stepped into Zara to get the scoop on the latest trends for a fall staple: coats.
The mercury is dropping and this is no time to put comfort below style. Wait… you can achieve both! We picked out a few coats that make it very easy to be on trend and cozy at the same time.

For those who love to stand out, furry coats are a great addition to your wardrobe. You want to enjoy the season by spending time outdoors and it’s critical that you stay warm while doing so.

You’ve heard about it before, colour blocking is a great way to make an outfit pop! This burnt yellow jacket is bold, loosely structured and feels as good as it looks. Wear it over your work clothes to make a statement at the office, then use it to cover up when you go out at night.

This teddy bear statement jacket will take any outfit to the next level. It’s as cozy as it looks. Choose something with the right length (just above the knees is great!) And while oversized is the look, ensure it doesn’t totally mask your frame.

Next stop: Shoes. Build from the ground up and use your footwear to help make that fall outfit a 10 out of 10! We chose shoes from Browns that are on-trend for fall, warm for the feet and will allow you to get as many steps on that pedometer as possible.

For our sporty chic / athleisure trend:

Sporty Chic. The athleisure trend fuses style with comfort. Plus, with brands like #TheWishboneCollection putting their muscle into it, the looks for everyday wear are hotter than ever!

Heritage boot trend:

Heritage boots are kickin’ it! Timberland, Dr. Martens. and Blundstone and co. have all launched their fresh takes on the heritage boot… and Fall is looking better for it. The updated styles feature everything we loved about the originals, from the chunky heel to the ankle-hugging height, with a decidedly 2018 je-ne-sais-quoi. There’s never been a better time to embrace the classics.

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