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It’s officially the Holiday Season and time to start home entertaining! Whether you’re hosting a big family dinner, baking cookies for Santa, or enjoying a quiet night by the fire, it’s time to deck those halls!  My husband and I LOVE to entertain, so this season I am on a mission to find the perfect pieces for any holiday event thrown my way.

First up, table settings! We’re actually hosting Christmas dinner this year for the first time ever – so you know, NO pressure at all! If you’re in the same boat as me, don’t panic! Every home décor store at Park Royal is filled with gorgeous items to wow your guests.

I wanted my table to look modern yet festive. I played with foil accents in silver and gold, while using pops of traditional holiday colours like green and red. I was able to find the perfect mix of everything by shopping at staple Park Royal home décor stores like Maison Simons and Home Sense. Make sure to look for fun elements from places like Dollarama (the charger plates were only $3.99!!) and don’t forget to pick up classic cutlery from Hudson’s Bay for a polished look.

• Gold Rimmed Wine Glass: $3.99 at Home Sense
• Gold and Red accent Glass: $4.99 at Home Sense
• Sophie Conran dinner plate: $9.99 at Home Sense
• 4 Piece Set Reindeer Napkin Holder: $9.99 at Home Sense
• Red Foil Charger Plate: $3.99 at Dollarama
• Festive placemat: $6 at Maison Simons
• Gold Rimmed Wine Glass: $3.99 at Home Sense
• Gold and Red accent Glass: $4.99 at Home Sense
• Mikasa Cutlery: $99 at The Hudson’s Bay
• 6 Piece Gold Shimmer Coasters Set: $4 at Maison Simons

I also fell head over heels for these ‘light in a bottle’ accent pieces from Maison Simons! They looked so cool in the store, but even better once I brought them home! And the little decorative foils that are all over the table? Chocolate covered oreo cookies… for guests who need to snack before dinner of course!

• Silver Christmas Tree: $16 at Maison Simons
• Light In A Bottle: $18.99 at Maison Simons
• Pine Candle Box Centre Piece: $34.99 at Home Sense
• Belgian Chocolate Drenched Oreo’s: $12.99 at Home Sense

Now, what would the Holiday’s be without a few friendly gatherings? Whether it be for a cocktail party, where serving plates are a must, or a night filled with baking cookies for Santa, I’m always on the look out for items that will make those special evenings just a little bit better.

Look for a festive platter from Home Sense that is ideal for meats, cheeses or Santa’s cookies. Or use these fun candy cane mason jars only $1.50 from Dollarama! They are a cute and creative way to do milk and cookies on Christmas Eve, or a super fun and budget friendly way to serve homemade cocktails at your holiday bash!

• Mason Jars: $1.50 at Dollarama
• Serving Plate: $14.99 at Home Sense

The kitchen isn’t the only place that could use some holiday inspired love – this is also the best time to overhaul your linen cupboard and update it with new, warm, linens for your bed. I could not resist the selection at Maison Simons. Not only do they have the coolest Canadiana inspired sheets and throw blankets (think Buffalo plaid and moose antler prints), but they have this absolutely to die for cable knit Duvet Cover set. The fabric feels like a soft flannel and it exactly what I want to be sleeping in this entire winter season!
Also, really cute for added Holiday inspiration are these decorative accent pillowcases for only $14.00. How can anyone resist a wiener dog in an ugly Christmas sweater, lights and earmuffs?

• Accent Pillow Case: $14 at Maison Simons
• King Duvet Cover: $160 at Maison Simons

Snuggly nights by the fireplace are also a Holiday must-do! And that’s why things like fuzzy throw blankets, big couch pillows and dressing up your mantle to be oh-so pretty, become important this time of year. I made the executive decision (without my Husband and while shopping of course) that we were going to rid ourselves of our old Canucks hockey stockings, light up Rudolph statue and decorate our mantle with items a bit more dignified!

And let me tell you, awesome stockings are not in short supply this year. I found gorgeous ones at The Bay, Anthropologie, Home Sense and even Dollarama, but in the end I settled with gorgeous knit stockings from Maison Simons.

For me, keeping things clean and simple was key – remember, I have a year and a half year old so I don’t need extra toys or gimmicky decorations in my living room. I used an artificial Norwood Fur garland from Home Depot for the top of the fireplace, added two simple shimmering decorative trees, added an all white Nutcracker, threw one cute pillow and one very comfortable throw blanket on the couch (all from Home Sense) and was finished! I love the simplicity. It feels like the perfect place to have a calm, relaxing night in.

• Nutcracker: $16.99 at Home Sense
• Double Decorative Christmas Tree: $9.99 at Home Sense
• Norwood Garland: $23.95 at Home Depot
• Throw Pillow: $19.99 at Home Sense
• Throw Blanket: $39.99 at Home Sense

Finally, nothing says Holiday décor like outdoor Christmas lights. I sent my husband to pick them up from Home Depot and while he was shopping, I guess he decided to make an executive decision as well. Lucky for him, I couldn’t be any happier about it.

Lighted PVC Cotton String Snowman with broom: $129 at Home Depot


Happy holiday decorating!


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