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This year May 8th marks one of the most prominent days that we give our thanks to Mom. Mother’s Day is a very special day to honour mothers that have impacted our lives. Here at Park Royal we have many mothers that work in our shops, and services. We wanted to take the opportunity to highlight just a few of them by sharing what stands out to them most about being ‘Mom’. We asked the following moms to share their favourite moments, something funny that stood out for them from the past, or what it is like to balance work and motherhood; here is what they had to say:

Soosan Sadvandi

Full Time Associate

Hudson’s Bay – Park Royal North

Being a full time working Mother can be very hard at times. The most difficult part is organizing and managing time spent with my two daughters, work, and keeping up with household responsibilities. Being a full time mom is a job that never ends but it is also the most rewarding job, which makes it so special and memorable. Because of the little time I had with my daughters, I made every moment special. Experiencing their first time talking, walking, learning how to ride a bike and even driving are just couple examples of times where it made up for all the hard work and long nights I had to go through. Now that they have grown up it is even harder to find time to spend as a family, but it is important to be present and appreciate the time we do have with one another.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there!

Glenda Reid

Shop Manager & Buyer

Oska – The Village at Park Royal

Motherhood – Pick Your Title, Sisters.

As the mother of two beloved teenaged boys, these are titles I use to describe my job:

Cheerleader – Exchange the pom poms, tight sweater & short skirt for flat hair, an umbrella & leaky rubber boots…“Go Team Go”!

Fashion Consultant – Teenager: “Mum, can I wear gray socks with black shoes?” Mum: “What shade of gray? Dirty white or faded black?”

Referee – Includes whistle & hand signals – “Stop beating on your brother…it’s bad Karma!”

Therapist/Counselor – “Don’t worry honey, I’m sure the cat didn’t poop on your homework on purpose”..

Cook – Expert with a Microwave; Take away Sushi & Indian food on speed dial.

Doctor – Supplier of Bandaids & Polysporin; handy with an ear thermometer!

Taxi Driver (minus the tips!) – “Mum, you don’t mind driving 10 of my closest friends home after the party, do you?!”

Life Guard – “Are you drowning? You’ve been in the shower for 20 minutes!”

Teacher – You lost me at “Integer”…definitely NOT smarter than a 4th grader!

Cleaning Lady – Sign on bedroom door reads “Do not enter without wearing hardhat & steel- toed boots!”

Detective – With magnifying glass in hand, the search for missing socks, retainer & lost school book is on…

Superhero – WonderWoman (of course!) Love her bracelets, crown & lasso! All very useful tools to tame a teenager and a definite fashion statement!

Joanne Perreault

Director of Store Operations

Simons – Park Royal South

I’m the proud Mother of two successful young adult boys. (Even though they’re now men, they’ll always be boys to me.)

I vividly remember the first moments when I held each of them in my arms and the love that flooded my heart. People who had grown-up children would tell me that time would fly by, so I made sure to cherish every second with my children. I wanted to enjoy all that motherhood had to give. Sleepless nights, changing diapers or caring for them when they were sick. Those things just strengthened the bond between us.

The joy that my boys have brought me is priceless and I feel extremely fortunate to have been given the opportunity to be a mother. I’m eternally grateful for all the wonderful memories I have of them growing up and look forward to having many more as the years go on.

Shannon Bosa


Trattoria/Italian Kitchen – Park Royal South

Being a working mom is hard. Life is busy. Aside from the daily routine of just keeping our kids safe, fed and alive, there’s a whole emotional component to keeping them happy, well rounded and grounded. I struggle some days, but always remind myself of a few key pieces of advice that have helped me:

Be kind to yourself. We’re all doing our best, and one bad day isn’t the end of the world. Try to avoid negative self talk or comparing yourself to others.

Don’t overschedule. Both you and your kids need time to play. The world can wait if you need to unplug.

Simplify life. Do the things, and keep the things, that spark joy within you.

Be passionate about what you’re doing. Whether it’s your work, your hobbies, making dinner, helping with homework or just chilling – be grateful for that moment. Live the joy in that moment.

Julie Lustig

Store Leader

Whole Foods Market – The Village at Park Royal.

Becoming a mom is an adventure you can never prepare for – no matter how many books you read or advice you’re given. You absolutely need to have a sense of humor and not take yourself too seriously as mistakes are going to happen. I have a list of what I refer to as my “Mom fails.” Here’s one of my favourites. I was out for ice cream with my son and sister. It was around 8PM in the evening. My son Brando was the first to finish his ice cream. My sister said, “Wow Brando, that was fast you even beat me and I didn’t have dinner!” Brando replied, “Me neither.” Surprised, I replied, “What do you mean? I warmed you up some pizza.” “Mom, you put it in the microwave, but never gave it to me.” Oops! Mom Fail!

The Mom moral of the story is . . . always check the microwave before you take your kid out for ice cream 😉

Park Royal and many of our retailers love Moms so much we are giving away some pretty amazing prizes for our Mother’s Day contest. Please click here for contest details, prizing, and some great gift ideas. Happy Mother’s Day to Moms everywhere.

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