Build the Perfect Cheese Plate

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At Whole Foods Market, we know this is the time of year that gathering around a holiday table of great food matters most.

A truly stylish and delicious way to take your entertaining to the next level is the cheese board. Whether you use a plate, a wooden cutting board or a piece of slate, serving cheese is the smart host’s best party secret. Why? Because picking, pairing and presenting cheeses for your cheese board is simpler than you might think.  Just follow these easy tips and suggestions.

  1. Choose the Cheese
    • Look for contrasts in colour (light to dark), texture (oozy to firm) and flavour (tangy and fresh to savoury and earthy). Three to four different cheeses are plenty- plan for about 1 to 2 ounces of cheese per guest. And don’t forget to chat with our cheesemongers – they loooove talking cheese.
  2. Add Pairings
    • Serve both bread and crackers – different textures enhance the experience. Savoury additions like olives and roasted nuts are key as are seasonal fruits. Bonus points for adding cured meats or artisanal honey!
  3. Serve it up!Upwrap and arrange your cheese about an hour before serving. This “breathing time” brings out wonderful aromatics and nuances. Prepare the pairings just before serving. Label each cheese and the pairing, too. Try serving on a rustic butcher board or a slab of natural stone.

Our Best Holiday Cheese Picks

  • Soft and Savoury: Fromagerie la Suisse Normande (La Pizy). Delicate, floral notes, and luscious. Pair with Principe di San Daniele, prosciutto, and honey.
  • Dark and Oozy: Gerome Jean Roussey (Munster). Decadent mouthfeel and buttery smooth. Pair with Marcona almonds and rustic, artisan bread.
  • Crumbly and Tangy: Emmi Roth (Buttermilk Blue). Piquant with fruity aromatics. Pair with walnuts and cherry spread.
  • Firm and Earthy: Emmi Roth (Grand Cru). Nutty, sweet with lingering umami. Pair with Pink Lady apples slices, hazelnuts, salumeria, and candied orange.

This holiday, get together over something better. No artificial colours, flavours, preservatives, sweeteners, hydrogenated fats or high fructose corn syrup in any of the food we sell.


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