Be A Black Friday Ninja

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Be A Black Friday Ninja – by Nathalie Rees

Black Friday is around the corner and it seems like a daunting task to even begin to think about getting those key items crossed off your holiday list on one of the busiest and most marketed days of the year.

Yeah, I feel you.

The thing is though, if you can manage to navigate Black Friday (and the following weekend) like a ninja, you could very well score some amazing stuff, save some moola and yes, make it out of there alive!!!

Here’s how you do it:

Get An Early Start
Yep, as the saying goes, “The early bird gets the worm”! In this case, the early arrival shopper gets first dibs on inventory. Grab a coffee from Faubourg and get going!

Don’t buy for loved ones (AKA: Your WIFE)
Let’s be honest here guys, the idea is to get in and get out having saved some money on some of the gifts you know you need to buy over the holidays.
This is NOT the time to be shopping for loved ones e.g: Your Wife. Unless you see the exact item she wants or would love. Then go for it, but this is not the day to be wandering about without a plan and then grabbing something for her just because it’s on sale.

Know who you need to buy for
Make a target list of who you need to buy for before you go in. For example, people like your neighbour, a co-worker, close friends, your child’s teacher, etc.
These are all people you need to buy for anyway, so make a list, stick to it and cross them off as you head through the mall.

Make yourself a roadmap
There is no need to zigzag or go back and forth all over the mall, so take a few minutes to plan out your shopping route here.
Align the map with your to-buy-for list and you’ll be in and out in no time.

Think Stocking Stuffers
Black Friday is a great time to stock up on stocking stuffers. Places like Indigo or London Drugs are the perfect places to find gems that are perfect for under the mantle and on sale!

Know when you hit your breaking point
Let’s not kid ourselves. It can be overwhelming to shop on Black Friday. If you start to feel like you’ve hit your limit. Take a break and stop for a quick pint at The Village Taphouse or The Keg to take a load off and summon up the last bit of energy you need to close out your shopping day.

Treat Yourself
Hey, you’ve made the effort to fight the masses and get some early Christmas gifts while saving money at the same time. Once you’re done checking off your Black Friday list, head over to your favourite store and see if you can score yourself something nice! Black Friday tip: The 2nd floor of Simons is entirely for men!

Xoxo Nat.

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