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Back to the Grind – by Nathalie Rees

When your wife and kids start to talk about Back To School shopping, it means summer is officially over. Of course not necessarily weather-wise, but the laid back, constantly on vacation, early patio sessions on weekdays vibe is most definitely over and is replaced with, you guessed it: THE GRIND.

Now, the grind doesn’t always mean bad things, major pro sports start back up (NHL, NBA, NFL), College Football gets into full gear while Major League Baseball and the CFL start to really heat up. Most importantly the sports you participate in also kick off.

So, whether you consider yourself a year-round athlete, a hard-working dad or the world’s best spectator, it’s time for you to do a little shopping too!

Here are some of fall’s hottest items, that will make sure you’re pumped to get back to your grind! No matter what that means for you.

All Weather Running Guy

It is the end of Summer, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t splurge on the newest and best eyewear for your morning runs.
Look for a light weight option that specializes in unprecedented control of light transmission that results in colours being so precisely tuned, they maximize contrast and enhance visibility –
pretty cool eh?
My go to: Oakley Holbrook with PRIZM Lenses from Sport Chek

Rec League Hockey Guy

Just because it’s beer league doesn’t mean you don’t get to hit the rink like a pro. Look for a compression base layer that has stretch-mesh underarm panels. This one has 4-way stretch that will allow for greater mobility and anti-odour technology – because hey, happy wife, happy life right?
My go to: Under Armour Heatgear Armour Compression Men’s Long Sleeve
From $39

Rain or Shine Soccer Dad Guy

We all know it’s coming…. RAIN, RAIN and more RAIN. So, if you’re the Dad who’s always on the sidelines on those cold, rainy Saturday mornings, you’re going to need an outerwear piece that’s going to keep you warm, dry but still fashion forward.
My go to: RYU Wind Shell Jacket

Sit On The Couch and Watch Football Guy

Let’s be honest, everyone wants to do this at some point or another, so the key here is investing in the world’s best sweatpants. You need to look for a pair that is uber comfy, but also acceptable to wear in public.
My go to: ROOTS Remix Sweatpant and Kanga Hoodie
$74 & $82

Summer Surf Scruff Guy

Hey, don’t get me wrong; it’s fine to get a little scruffy over the summer months. But, September is time to cut those beachy locks, shave away that scruff and you know what? Go get a Mancial. That’s right guys, this treatment was created for men and comes with a soothing neck and beard treatment that will reduce redness, irritation and ingrown hairs.
My go to: SKOAH
45 minute facial at skoah Park Royal


Congratulations! You’re now allowed to relax and enjoy the last few weeks of summer because you are officially ready to get back to the grind!

Xoxo Nat.


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